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4 HR Intensive workshop with Andrew Cervantes

March 2, 2016

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4 hrs of Partner Work
– Proper lead/follow
– Basic Fundamentals
– Isolation of torso

In this workshop repitition is key!
In the following 4hrs you will have a crash course of your following basic fundementals along with your basic footwork and patner work such as copa, 360, backspot turns. You will also learn how to get in and out footwork, proper set up for double spins,and also bring a more confident attitude in your footwork and partnerwork ! 😉
All in while learning and combining all that you have learned into a 1 min choreography ! 😉

The purpose of this workshop is to help improve your basic social dancing skills with a structure guide (routine). To also bring a high amount of confidence in your social dancing and to be able to push you to the next level.

Pre-registration Sale Available Online for $50.
At the Door $65.

   All sales are final! No returns or exchanges.

Registrations begins Soon at

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  • Price: $54.25
    On2 Salsa Pattern Workshop
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August 10, 2015


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